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I had the same question so I tried google. The following answer is the most 'local' explanation in my opinion. Hope this helps:. He and I have different opinion on this. His opinion is different from mine, however his opinion may not have any connection or impact on my opinion. There may be no sense of agreement or disagreement.

Causes and Ways to Reduce Fatal Accidents

We both may think in independent directions. We both may be right at the same time. He and I have differing opinion on this. His opinion is different from mine, and his opinion is in contrast to my opinion. We think in the opposite directions. What is right to me is wrong to him. I have read your post from time to time.

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I tried to write down with my own words. If you can give me a small feedback, I would appreciate that.

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There are a lot of challenges in order to reduce traffic accidents since individuals have accesses to own transports. Some people argue that punishments by police department in any forced way would affect drivers to be more careful about, others refute that it is more crucial to improve road safety for convenience of everyone.

Personally, I completely agree with the statement that the importance of revised road rules. As commonly known, some people could be afraid of payment and disqualification due to driving offence because it often takes long time to pay off and also the situation makes hassle to commute for their work. However, it could be temporary option by catching few offensive drivers as an example for less accident.

Road accident - Free Management Essay - Essay UK

Looking at current news, it happened because of complicated reasons such as a drinking, high speeding relatively and so on. While, it is beneficial to improve the road safety system by analysing records in terms of recent car accident. According to recent news, some people cannot adopt frequent changes of road rules, for example, road signs which cause confusion or distraction of driving.

Thus, it requires more time to examine hugely extensive reasons of the accidents though; it is worthy to help individuals recognize road standard and responsibility for others and living things on roads if we consider it on long term basis. Most police department around the world fortifies to impose fines or imprisonments in terms of driving offences every day to manipulate potential accidents. However, I believe that the essence of road safety system is vital than short-term punishments. Posted by: Kellen Friday, May 08, at I love your version too. It is full of relevant ideas words , I doubt that we cannot haldle that well in the exam condition, though.

Posted by: Tuannm Friday, May 08, at Thank you. I completely agree with you that we can not function well under the test condition.

I remembered that I did have a good idea for the writing task 2 at the split second during my last test. Unfortunately, I could not go back my idea after a noisy ambulance went past the exam center. I was totally stressed and lost. Posted by: Jing Friday, May 08, at A few people noticed that I wrote "differing views" instead of "different views". The meaning is basically the same - I just did this to show you another option.

Posted by: Simon Friday, May 08, at Posted by: la violette Friday, May 08, at Hello ha As far as I know, we have to use "sports" in front of a NOUN not "sport" such as sports car, sport shoes, and sports team. Posted by: son beo Friday, May 08, at Posted by: Tuan Sunday, May 10, at Posted by: Jimmy Sunday, May 10, at Hi simon, I would like to thank you so much This website. You have no idea how much you helped me to tackle my writing issues.

Many charity organizations are asking people for money nowadays. What are the causes of this, and what can be done to change the situation? Posted by: Mabrouka Monday, May 11, at Posted by: Jing Monday, May 11, at It is inevitable that as technology advances, traditional cultures will be lost. It seems that we cannot have these two things together. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Posted by: SanjaSt Monday, May 11, at Congratulate Jing.

It's realy good bandscore that I target to. Posted by: Tuannm Monday, May 11, at It is the first time that I post my writing here, although I always read others before. A little bit excited. If people turn on radio to listen to some traffic information, they surely can hear all kinds of bizarre traffic accidents, most of which are caused by some careless or offensive drivers. Therefore, some argue that more strict rules or fine should be enforced to reduce the traffic accidents. While other people think that some other actions are more effective.

In my view, strict punishment is just one way to address the road safety issue, more measures should be worked out to minimizing road accidents. First, the stringent rules and regulations on road safety play an irreplaceable role in our modern society, particularly for the drivers who have offensive behaviors when they are driving on the road. The fine is relatively low compared to some developed nations; therefore, some drivers do not care about the money and commit offences, which is likely to incur traffic accident.

It is also true that strict punishments can not solve all the road safety issues. From my personal experience, I would like to say that some roads are too narrow to accommodate so many vehicles, which definitely causes traffic jams during rush hours. For such case, to guarantee the road safety, the most promising approach is to widen the roads or build more roads to alleviate the pressure on such narrow roads. Another measure come to mind is that more road safety guidance or trainings from government should be introduced to all participants on road, which can bring all fellow citizens fully aware of the importance of the road safety and inevitably reduce the traffic accidents on the road.

In sum, governments and authorities should shoulder the responsibilities to investigate the reasons why so many people violate the laws or rules, and according to the investigation results to make some more effective measures. Only by doing so, can both individuals and society as whole will be better off in the long run.

Posted by: bing Tuesday, May 12, at I am going to give my IELTS Academic exam for speaking on 15th may and for list,reading,writing on 16th of may i am really very nervous can u guys help me please Posted by: Sana Tuesday, May 12, at Your essay is quite long words. Normally, the longer the essay is, the more time it will take, especially in the exam condition. Both intro and conclusion are long. This is not Simon's style. You should shorten them 2 sentence for intro, and 1 sentence for conclusion are enough.

Posted by: Tuannm Wednesday, May 13, at Thank a lot, Tuannm. I see your points, because I seldom practiced on laptop, so I did not notice that the words account before I completed it. And certainly, it took too much time.

In my view, strict punishments are just one way to address the road safety issue, and more measures should be worked out to minimize road accidents. Posted by: bing Wednesday, May 13, at I suggest that you joint both sentence together as follows.

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Road safety essay in kannada - Con censorship essay

While other people think that some other actions are more effective, in my view, strict punishment is just one way to address the road safety issue, and more measures should be introduced to minimize road accidents. Posted by: salah Friday, May 15, at Some people say that advertising is a positive part of our lives while others say it is a negative one. Discuss both views and include your own opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.