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Quantitative Dissertation Consulting

It is very common for a research study to involve some research questions that are comparative e. A doctoral student has completed all of their coursework but they have not yet completed their dissertation. There are two types of doctoral candidates that fall into this category:.

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While both types might require help to move on, it is the latter that is likely to derive the most benefit from this article and become motivated to complete, perhaps, the most important event in their life. Occasionally, doctoral students are challenged on the validity of using parametric statistics to analyze summative scale scores. Several of my clients, and their committee members have had some misunderstandings about the use of parametric statistics with ordinal data, so I decided to write this article.

One of those assumptions. One-sided alternative hypotheses are rarely used and I usually discourage their use. The point is, why limit yourself to a one-sided alternative hypothesis? If the results should happen to be statistically significant. This is actually a tougher question than you might think. The text book way to determine a sample size is to conduct a literature review to determine what effect size you are looking for.

For example, suppose.

As a professional statistician I have helped many hundreds of doctoral students with the statistical aspects of their dissertation proposal. Along the way I have found that many doctoral students struggle with the development of the entire proposal, not just the statistics. This article gives some insight into what I have learned about how to write a doctoral dissertation proposal …. Recruiting participants for a research study can be challenging.


Our main Ph.D. thesis statistical Services

I often advise my clients to consider inviting members of a professional association to participate in their survey research. There are many advantages to this approach:. I would like to emphasize that the sooner you start working with a statistician during the development of your proposal, the smoother things will go for you. Once you have a topic and you have done some preliminary literature review is an ideal time to start working with a statistician. So many of my clients come to me only after multiple rewrites of the problem statement, research questions, data analysis plan etc.

They could have saved themselves a lot of time, money and frustration by contacting a statistician sooner. In addition, many of my clients come to me only after they fully approved proposal.

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Often times, a proposal is accepted even though the statistics are not clearly written and sometimes, their statistics are just plain wrong. When that happens, I am unable to do the analysis for them unless we first redo the statistics in the methods chapter.

Pricing & Deliveryl

Another thing that happens is, the student comes to me with a fully approved proposal and they want help with the analysis. The statistical aspects of their methodology are correct, but unnecessarily complicated that I am unable to help them due to the scope of the project being so large I could not fit the work into my schedule, nor could I do the work for an affordable price. These are some of the reasons why you want to work with a statistician early in the development of your proposal.

Note: Dr. Rockinson-Szapkiw does not provide APA formatting services. Providing support and coaching via e-mail, phone, and VoIP to help you fully understand your data and findings so you can write your results section and defend your proposal or final manuscript with confidence. The typical turnaround time for services is business days once all resources and payments are received, and the typical turnaround for email support is 5 business day or less.

Phone and VoIP calls for support should be scheduled 5 business days in advance.

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And, expedited services can however be arranged based on Dr. All artifacts are delivered immediately upon payment. Payment is accepted via PayPal, and credit cards are accepted through PayPal.

Dissertation Statistics Consultant | StatWorkz

Rockinson-Szapkiw exceeded my expectations. She helped me tackle my analyses with understanding so I could write chapter 4 of my dissertation and defend it successfully. She explained statistics in an easy to understand manner, and her turnaround time was super fast. When I had questions she was quick to answer my emails.

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Working with her enabled me to be called Dr. Hiring her was the best decision I made. Rockinson-Szapkiw provides guidance to students through 3 primary consulting services, including: 1.


Amanda Rockinson-Szapkiw.