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Facebook LinkedIn Twitter. Upload a draft of your dissertation for format review pdf only to the eTD website by the specified deadline. Corrections and detailed instructions will be returned to you by email within two weeks. Defend the dissertation and make any changes required by your committee. This can be done either before or after the format review, as long as deadlines are met.

Open Access Resources

Receive approval from the committee in the form of signatures on the Doctoral Signatory Page. Review the dissertation one final time to be sure that no further changes are needed. The phonology and phonetics of Jamaican Creole reduplication. Martin Jansche. Inference of string mappings for speech technology.

Matthew Makashay. Individual differences in speech and non-speech perception of frequency and duration. Misun Seo. A segment contact account of the patterning of sonorants in consonant clusters. Pauline Welby. The slaying of Lady Mondegreen, being a study of French tonal association and alignment and their role in speech segmentation.

Stephen Winters. Empirical investigations into the perceptual and articulatory origins of cross-linguistic asymmetries in place assimilation. Paul Davis.

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Stone Soup Translation: The linked automata model. Janice Fon. A Cross-linguistic study on syntatic and discourse boundary cues in spontaneous speech. Jean Godby.

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A computational study of lexicalized noun phrases in English. Stefanie Jannedy. Hat patterns and double peaks: The phonetics and psycholinguistics of broad versus late narrow versus double focus intonations. Shravan Vasishth. Working memory in sentence comprehension: Processing Hindi center embeddings. Neal P. Category neutrality: A type-logical investigation [Also published, , in the Routledge Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics series.

Kiyoko Yoneyama. Phonological neighborhoods and phonetic similarity in Japanese word recognition. Jennifer Muller. The phonology and phonetics of word-initial geminates.

Qian Gao. Steven Hartman Keiser. Language change across speech islands: The emergence of a midwestern dialect of Pennsylvania German. Marcelino Liphola. Aspects of phonology and morphology of Shimakonde. Amanda Miller-Ockhuizen. Grounding Jui'hoansi root phonotactics: The phonetics of the guttural OCP and other acoustic modulations.

Thesis and Dissertation | Multimedia and Print Center

Panayiotis Pappas. Weak object pronoun placement in Later Medival Greek: Intralinguistic parameters affecting variation. Jennifer Vannest. Morphological effects in visual word processing: Their timecourse and consequences for lexical architecture. Michael Cahill. Mariapaola D'Imperio. The role of perception in defining tonal targets and their alignment.

Gwang-Yoon Go. The synchrony and diachrony of the English prepositional passive: Form, meaning, and function. Svetlana Godjevac. Intonation, word order and focus projection in Serbo-Croatian. Nasiombe Mutonyi. Aspects of Bukusu morphology and phonology. Rosalind R. Kikamba phonology and morphology.

Elizabeth Strand. Gender stereotype effects in speech processing. Jennifer Venditti. Discourse structure and attentional salience effects on Japanese intonation.

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Mary Bradshaw. A crosslinguistic study of consonant-tone interaction. Karin Golde. Binding theory and beyond: An investigation Into the English pronominal system. Kim Ainsworth-Darnell. The effects of priming on recognition latencies on familiar and unfamiliar orthographic forms of Japanese words.

Kutz Maria C. Nominalizations in Basque: A case in language attrition. Paul D.

Theses ( Worldwide)

The synchronic and diachronic phonology of ejectives. Rebecca Herman. Intonation and discourse structure in English: phonological and phonetic markers of local and global discourse structure. Claudia Kurz-Nicoletti. Function words and simplification in contact varieties of German. Bettina Migge. Substrate influence in the formation of the Surinamese Plantation Creole: A consideration of sociohistorical data and linguistic data from Ndyuka and Gbe.

Robert Poletto. Topics in runyankore phonology. Tracey Weldon. Andrew Saperstein. A word-and-paradigm approach to reduplication. Eun Jung Yoo. Quantifiers and wh-interrogatives in the syntax-semantics interface. Hyeree Kim. The synchrony and diachrony of English impersonal verbs: A study in syntactic and lexical change. Halyna Sydorenko. The atypical morpheme: Two case studies from Ukrainian.

Chan Chung. A lexical approach to word order variation in Korean. Andreas Kathol.