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  1. Minneapolis’ diverse community of today has come together to create a clean Lake Hiawatha.
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Minneapolis’ diverse community of today has come together to create a clean Lake Hiawatha.

Pendanski's taunting, he reacts with violence, slamming his shovel into Mr. Pendanski's face. Cruelty is something that one person can cause in another and a cycle of violence and cruelty is shown to pass through many decades and several generations at Green Lake. Three stories from separate times in history are combined in Holes to create one story and to create a theme of the importance of history. The narrator is given information from all three stories but Stanley and Zero only know the history that has been passed down to them through stories and song.

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Stanley and Zero are able to discover that they know that same song, but they do not know where the song came from so they are unable to discover that their ancestors came from the same town in Latvia. The history of Stanley's great- grandfather and his survival on "God's thumb" has been passed down to Stanley and this allows him to formulate a plan for survival when he and Zero run away from the camp.

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Stanley and Zero would have been further aided by knowing the exact history of Kate and Sam. If they had, then they would have known that the yellow-spotted lizards would not bite them because of all the onions they had eaten. Home Literature Holes Themes.

Holes(Louis Sachar Shows the Importance of Friendship in Times of Adversity

Holes by: Louis Sachar. Themes Motifs Symbols Facts. Main ideas Themes.

The Power of Fate to Determine Events Although Stanley always believes that he is unlucky and in the wrong place at the wrong time, the events in the book seem to be the result of fate's reunification of members of the Yelnats and Zeroni families for the mutual benefit of both parties.

The Benefits of Friendship The benefits of forming solid friendships are clearly shown in Holes. For Stanley, however, Camp Green Lake is no wasteland. At this camp he develops his personality, gains self-esteem, and finds confidence, pride, and friendship. He finds all these qualities by digging holes. Camp Green Lake is full of hidden treasures and when Stanley finally leaves the camp he is rich in more than one way. Stanley finds treasure right from the moment he finishes his first hole.

It takes him the whole day to dig it, but he does it. His pride is evident when the author writes, "He knew it was nothing to be proud of, but he felt proud nonetheless" After digging his first hole, Stanley starts changing in other ways too. This accomplishment teaches Stanley to depend on himself for survival and see life differently as well as to do things by himself. It helps him start to grow up and become a young man.

Friends: The Romance of Friendship

Stanley also finds friendship at Camp Green Lake. He develops a strong friendship with Zero. Zero is also at Camp Green Lake for stealing a pair of shoes. Both kids become friends because one's strengths is the other's weakness.


Importance of Sachar's Holes

They need each other to survive. Stanley knows how to read and write, but he has no physical strength. He is fat and weak.

While, Zero is quick and strong, even though he does not know how to read and write. That's why they ask for each other's help. Zero promises to help Stanley dig part of his hole each day, so that Stanley saves some of his energy to teach him how to read. Then, Zero runs away from camp, which of course is a bad idea because he runs into the desert without any supplies.

Of course, Stanley is not going to leave him alone to die in the desert, so he goes looking for him.

He finds Zero really weak and sick. He even has to carry him up the mountain to save his life. They stay up in the mountains for a few days to gain some strength. Then, they return to camp. On the way back, both kids get really thirsty, but neither of them want to drink first, so they decide to drink at the same time.

'Holes' friendship by Anzo Lu on Prezi

At this point the author illustrates that their friendship has grown really strong, that both kids mean a lot to each other, and that there is equality between them although one is white and the other is black does not bothers them at all. Who would ever think that friendship was going to make Stanley and Zero heroes? Stanley is able to the curse when he learns the true meaning of friendship and equality.

He finds a true friend who turns his life around. It is their friendship that lifts the ancient curse. They learned that the mistakes of the past are the strengths of the future.

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That by making mistakes people grow strong. That's why Stanley's strength and future is his great, great- grandfather's mistake, which is to break his promise to Madame Zeroni. His great, great- grandfather is supposed to take her up a mountain to drink from a spring. Because he forgets, his whole family is cursed for generations. That's why when Stanley rescues Zero from dying in the desert the curse is lifted because Zero is a descendent of Madame Zeroni. What Stanley does is to carry Zero up the "Thumb of God" mountain.

They are looking for water and the rock formation gives them hope, so they decide to see what is behind that mountain. Zero of course is too weak to climb because he has been in the desert for three days, so that's why Stanley helps him. He isn't going to let his friend die out there. He is willing to do whatever he can to save him and to his surprise there is water on top of the mountain. They even find onions, which of course save their lives later on when they dig their last hole and that's when they find the treasure.