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He argues that new species are arriving and evolving faster than old species are dying out globally. In the Atlantic region of Brazil, for example, one type of bird has been lost — Alagoas curassow R. There are more species of plants and animals in the tropics, therefore more species like it hot than cold, therefore maybe global warming will be good for more kinds of plants and animals. The human impact on the course of evolution is clear — more types of species derived from sparrows, rats and eucalyptus.

Thomas offers four rules for how we might cope with this brave new world he dubs Anthropocene Park: accept change, maintain flexibility perhaps by swapping one species for another , acknowledge ourselves as a natural force and live within our means. Actually fighting back would be a valid way to describe the present state of the environment only if there were some new hunter to prey on humans or perhaps a virus that lays our species low.

There is little recognition that such superpowers may be disappearing without our even knowing it, as the loser species fade away or the crickets learn to be silent. The mourned dead, like the great auk, the penguin of the north, only occasionally intrude. The resilience he otherwise locates on land might be harder to find there, thanks to human impacts like the reduction of the amount of oxygen in the water or its increasing acidity.

And even Thomas admits that the total number of species worldwide is down. One can hope this book will help.

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We do remember Martha, the last passenger pigeon, or Cecil the lion and Lonesome George, the last Pinta Island tortoise. To keep every cog and wheel is the first precaution of intelligent tinkering.


Global Warming Will Destroy The Earth In The End

Instead we are busily creating a homogeneous world, the diversity of plants and animals replaced by 22 billion chickens, 1. If all those livestock were to disappear, we would eat through the remaining large animals in a month. It is human concerns that determine everything here on Earth now. An animal that arrived in a particular location hundreds or thousands of years ago is fine with us, while a more recent immigrant, like garlic mustard, is cause for alarm and extensive campaigns to extirpate the interloper. Nostalgia is deadly, as people kill to preserve or restore some ill-remembered but more natural past, and we disdain new species as weeds.

Anthropocene Park is truly a strange world in which people fly all over to see rare or declining animals and plants, emitting the greenhouse gases that may make those animals and plants extinct — an estimated 10 percent of land species may die off as a result of climate change, as Thomas notes.

Five of the world's biggest environmental problems

We are picking winners and saving losers and perhaps one day soon could make genetic changes to turn losers into winners. Of the ten most plastic-polluted rivers in the world, eight are in Asia, including the Yangtze, Mekong and Ganges. Research by UC Santa Barbara found that of all the plastic resins and fibres produced since , around half was produced in the last 13 years.

The vast bulk of the plastic produced in history has not been recycled, the researchers realised. Of the 5. In , sailor and oceanographer Charles Moore encountered what is now known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch while travelling home after a yacht race. It covers an area of more than , square miles, three times the size of France. Moore resolved to devote his life to dealing with plastic waste.

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  • Bangladesh became the first country to ban plastic bags in , after floods linked to plastic waste. Since then, 54 countries have banned lightweight plastic bags, with a further 32 levying a charge on plastic bags as happens in Britain. Recycling will never stem the flow of plastics into our seas so to focus so exclusively on recycling efforts is a fatal mistake.

    Plastic bottles, usually made from virgin plastic, if recycled, become textiles or polyester for things likes clothes and carpeting. This change in the quality makes the use of recycled plastic limited.

    Essay on Global Warming is Destroying Our Planet

    Every day, , plastic bottles are still littered in Britain, and the number of water bottles consumed has doubled, with the average person now using bottles a year. The solution needs to focus on both consumption and production, says Trewin Restorick, CEO of environmental behaviour change charity Hubbub. Governments need to do their part too, Sharpless argues, and big business needs to shoulder more responsibility — as the central problem is the amount of plastic being produced.

    A recent Greenpeace report found six of the largest soft drinks companies use a combined average of just 6. There are simple, common-sense steps we can all take to limit our use of plastics particularly the one-use plastics behind so much ocean pollution. That means each time you buy cleaning products, you are buying water and a new plastic bottle. Ocean Saver Pods make it easy to have a clean house — and a clean conscience — with concentrated water-soluble cleaning pods which transform into liquid cleaner when added to water, so families can reuse cleaning product bottles.

    OceanSaver capsules can replace regular bottles of cleaning products, meaning less plastic waste to throw away. Swapping bottles of cleaner for OceanSaver pods will instantly reduce the amount of plastic you buy and discard. Ditch plastic water bottles Each person in Britain uses an average of plastic water bottles per year.

    Around the world, people buy a million plastic bottles a minute. Switch to a reusable bottle instead.

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    Choose unpackaged vegetables In the UK, just one-third of plastic packaging for foods is recycled. Make a difference by opting for unpackaged fruit and vegetables whenever you can. It can also be cheaper! Bring your own coffee cup Every year, 2.