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The basketball season was going well. Christmas break was coming up and after it, we would start our league games. Our first league game was Paonia, our biggest rivals yet to step into Delta County.

The game started off intense. One minute and 30 seconds into the game, Paonia fouled, so we lined up for the free throw. I stood there, looking at the clock thinking, "I've got plenty of time. Strong Essays words 3 pages Preview.

The trash is made up of 90 percent plastic and can reach up to three meters high. While it is certainly not a beautiful sight, the trash on the beach also contaminates the water and results in death if ingested by animals There are still two sides of a coin- a world of civilization and a world of underdeveloped society in this one country- USA. The paradox is that the constitution which seems to be a model of democracy to many nations of the world lacks a lot for not acting accordingly.

Those organized and unorganized struggles of Native Americans were challenged by the heavily armed white majority settlers He is a volleyball player who has a pain on the right anterior of his knee, during and post activity. On observation around the injured area the right patella is higher than the right and both feet over pronate, on quick touch it is slightly warmer on injured side.

It could be a chronic injury because it has bothered the client on and off for the last two months, in terms of previous injuries the client had an ankle inversion sprain nine months ago that was never rehabilitated which could play significance to the injury Strong Essays words 4. In the situation, my colleague and I found out that our patient, Kari Bradshaw, was bleeding. My first thought is to grab an ice pack and didn 't recognize that I need to put pressure on the dressing.

Ghost Dance - Wounded Knee (Sioux) Native American

After my partner checked the vitals, I decided to call the technician to get the lab results. I reported the diminished hemoglobin count to the physician only to realize that I did not have the vital signs values Through the consideration of a social context, these conceptual frameworks will be contrasted in terms of their purpose, the knowledge gain once applied to the social world and social beings as well as the potential implications of their implementation.

Conclusions will be drawn from the evidence as to whether these conceptual lenses aid in the understanding of the social world and in turn the nature of the human condition Better Essays words 5. There are many parallels between the two: they both overthrew a king to become a republic and then an empire, they both reformed their armies and became successful militarily, and they both would be replaced by a king. The only difference is that Rome did not have a final battle that would forever be linked with its name.

Even though Napoleon would go into the Battle of Waterloo with many advantages, in the end he would fail to achieve success in his pursuit to protect his throne She had developed a sense of oneness with nature. But this was not enough to pacify the yearning for freedom.

Although she always saw the glass more than half full, it was still empty, and nothing seemed to fill up the hollow patch. Christina became disabled due to a severe attack of polio, at the young age of two years old A tendon is a strong cord of tissue that connects muscle to bone. Tendinitis can affect any tendon, but it most commonly affects the shoulder tendon rotator cuff , ankle tendon Achilles tendon , elbow tendon triceps tendon , or one of the tendons in the wrist. This is common. At the event, which was a part of the Native American Heritage Month, there were a number of topics discussed, namely the Dakota Access Pipeline currently being built on the land of the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota, as well as the general topic of cultural appropriation of the Native American identity by American society.

One major topic that was discussed at the Native American Table Talks was the issue of the Dakota Access Pipeline, an oil pipeline that is currently being protested at the Standing Rock Reservation due to issues such as the Incidences of ACL injury are higher in females than in their male counterparts. Surgical reconstruction of the ACL is standard practice however it is yet to be determined what the most effective rehabilitation technique is.

An untreated injury to a cruciate ligament or stiffness following surgical repair could alter its mechanical function within the knee joint, affecting both the damaged and normal ligaments Moglo and Shirazi-Adl Powerful Essays words 6. Unfortunately, between ten thousand and twenty thousand people are diagnosed with avascular necrosis AVN each year in the United States, including my sister Julie Cerrone.

Since I saw first-hand what she went through most of the stories she tells can be emotional This collective of muscles include the biceps femoris, semitendinosus and semimembranosus, which form prominent tendons medially and laterally at the back of the knee. As a group the hamstring muscles produce hip flexion and extension at the knee.

They are innervated by the sciatic nerve. Similar to the biceps brachii in the upper extremities, the biceps femoris muscle has two heads — a long head and a short head. The bicep femoris is the most lateral muscle of this group — the common tendon of the two heads can be palpated laterally at the posterior knee The Extensor digitorum extends the fingers working as the antagonist for the flexor digitorum superficialis. The deltoid is adducting the arm so the GHJ is abducting with the muscle. The biceps brachii supinates the hand at the wrist joints, flexing the elbow joint. The triceps brachii does the opposite it adducts and extends glenohumeral joint After having a complete ACL rupture, many other knee problems such as chronic knee instability can occur.

ACL injuries continue to remain the largest single problem in orthopaedic sports medicine, especially in young female athletes aged years, producing the need to improve prevention and management This ligament provides stability to the knee and it also prevents the tibia from sliding in front of the femur. ACL injury is very common in athletes who play multidirectional sports such as football, basketball and soccer. It might be a team sport, or an individual one, but almost every teenager is involved in some type of competition.

Young athletes play their hardest, and try their hardest to be the best that they can be. As a society, our attention tends to be on the game; who scores or who wins, who makes the play, and who comes out on top. Unfortunately, however, while these are all important life lessons that need to be taught and learned, attention to the consequences of what competition can bring is often overlooked On this particular day I was in a hurry and did not warm up properly before I began doing sprints.


bury my heart at wounded knee essay ideas

I was competing with a co-worker, so my competitive nature pushed me and caused the injury. Sprinting is the main cause of hamstring tears. When an athlete is sprinting eccentric contraction increases as the muscle lengthens. During sprinting the eccentric contraction is on the anterior part of the leg just before their foot hits the ground An estimated 80, ACL injuries occur annually in the United States, and ACL- injured people often suffer long term complications, such as meniscal lesions, impairments of normal knee function, and arthrofibrosis.

The figure below shows a tear in the ACL Strong Essays words 2. Looking Cloud is now serving a full life sentence for this, as well as John Graham who is in Canada facing extradition for assisting the murder. Both appealed their cases prior to being sentenced, however the evidence had pointed to them. Moreover on the topic, the AIM also did many activities to gain the attention of America Term Papers words 3. From there it was boiled down to two options.

One to re-strengthen her knee through rehabilitation, physical therapy and bracing, or to undergo an ACL reconstruction surgery. Although it is costly and some may consider it frivolous, those who have encountered ACL tears should receive the reconstruction surgery instead of attending rehabilitation for the damage to their knee, because it dramatically lessens the chances of meniscal injuries and osteoarthritis occ A SLAP lesion involving the superior labrum, in a front to back direction involves a labral tear occurring above the midline of the socket.

There are different types of Labral tears, they include the following: A Bankart lesion involves a labral tear below the midline of the socket. This type of tear also affects the glenohumeral ligament. A different type of labral tear, which is rare, is a rear labral tear. Rear labral tears develop over time and are often accompanied by partial rotator cuff tears I also wanted to entertain my audience as well as allowing them to visualize my story.

My intended audience is athletes and people who need to be motivated about not letting anything or any obstacles stop them from being great.

Wounded Knee I (1890) and II (1973)

Nerves are raging. We use locomotion every day without even thinking about what we are doing. For most of us, walking is the main method of locomotion, it requires balance and could even be described as controlled falling. Taking just one step uses muscles throughout the entire body and walking uses all the joints and muscles of the lower limb.

When humans walk, it usually consists of a repeated gait cycle Internal journeys have an impact on you because the lessons learned stay with you forever, and help form who you are.

Similar Best 22 Examples: Bury my heart at wounded knee essay

Physical journeys leave impressions on you and what you learn is only relevant during that period of time, for instance if you are temporarily disabled. Instead, they are intertwined and need each other for you to gain self-growth ACL stands for anterior cruciate ligament. It is a located in the center of the knee. This injury tends to be common in soccer, football, and basketball. For my research paper I will be focusing on the topic of ACL tears in athletes. Throughout my time as an athletic training student, I always liked to observe my preceptors on how they deal with athletics that are having psychological distress after injuries, and how as an athletic trainer I should handle these situations in a professional manner.

You hear a loud pop and snap, you fall immediately to the ground in agonizing pain.

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The trainer at your school tells you that you probably have torn your ACL. Over 80 percent of anterior cruciate ligament ACL are from non-contact injuries Blahd. Tearing your Anterior Cruciate Ligament ACL as an athlete is the beginning of a journey that could take over half a year to accomplish, but it allows the athlete to return to the game they love This skill of agility can be improved through a variety of interventions to improve motor recruitment of muscle fibers.

Some training plans include sport-specific training via practice and games while others increase agility through specific drills using tools such as hurdles, cones and speed ladders. The physical journeys leave impressions on you temporarily and what you learn is only useful during that period of time, for instance if you become crippled. The AIM in decided to demonstrate against Dick Wilson which was one of the renown Indian leaders who were known to oppose the movement.

Dee Brown's Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee - Essay - Words - BrightKite

Dick Wilson after realizing that the movement wanted to kill him he decided to seek protection from federal marshal as well as in the Indian police affairs. However rather than deciding to confront the police the AIM decided to gather in the wounded site of the massacre the police responded by surrounding the site. During a 71 day period the police exchanged fire with the AIM that led to the death of several people.

On May the AIM leaders surrendered and agreed to reach to a conclusion. Later the AIM took the police who had attacked them to court and the judge ruled in the favor of AIM and later acquitted them for any wrong doing. After winning this court battle the AIM succeeded in shinning in the national politics for their increased role in fighting for the rights of the Native Americans. After the trouble in the Wounded Knee a virtual civil started between the opposing different opposing Indian factions. This civil war in turn led to the a series of beating as well as murder where it is believed that more than Indian dead.

By clicking "Log In", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Diana from A Research Guide Don't know how to start your paper? Worry no more! Get professional writing assistance from our partner. The US government could not get that gold since people were living on the land above it. Because the Indians did not wanted to allow the US government to exploit their lands, they decided to approach the situation from a more violent manner. Another reason why they wanted to relocate the Indians was because they wanted to build railroads, to extend their territory and build new settlements in different parts of the country.

Since the railroads had to pass through territory owned by the Indians and since the Indians did not approve of them, they had to relocate them. It is mentioned that time and time again, both the US soldiers and the Indian tribes failed to meet the conditions of the treaties they signed.